October 19, 2015

Vinyl Wraps

Untitled-1   Toronto finest Vinyl Wraps by Driversbay

Car Vinyl Wraps, Toronto Car wraps, GTA car wrap, Carbon Fiber wrap,Chrome wrap,mossy oak truck wraps

Car Vinyl Wraps, Toronto Car wraps, GTA car wrap, Carbon Fiber wrap,Chrome wrap,mossy oak truck wraps

Driversbay Wraps – is an excellent automotive vinyl wrap shop dedicated to quality,perfection and top notch customer service.

Vinyl Wrap it’s a great opportunity to give your car a unique look with a relatively small amount of money. If desired, boring old wrap can be removed and replaced with anew one and with a proper care it can last for over 5 years.In addition, vinyl film is quite strong, difficult to scratch (unless,it is keyed). It provides reliable protection from chipping enamel and other minor scratches, tolerates frost, rain and direct sunlight, which is important, as many of us park our cars outside. Interestingly,wrapped cars hijacked much less! Indeed,what thief wants to “light up”, attracting the attention of other drivers?

Vinyl Wrap – the best alternative to the usual painting. For our work we use the highest quality materials from well-known manufacturers like Arlon, 3M and VViViD. The variety of colors, shades and different textures allows you to choose exactly what you need!

Our certified specialists will make from any car a real masterpiece . Full compliance technology allows us to give the surface a perfect smoothness (without bubbles and wrinkles ) , and flawless appearance .



Your ride is not only one of your biggest investments, but also a source of pride and an extension of your personality. While you’d love to give your vehicle that extra touch that really sets it apart from all the others and makes it more “you”, you also know that one drop of paint on the original finish will decrease its value.



Company and fleet wrapped vehicles promotes your brand 24 hours a day. It drives higher awareness of your brand, services and helps keep you top-of-mind for that one time they need you. One vehicle or a fleet anywhere nationwide we can handle the hassles for you with one phone call. On top of that it’s a hugely cost effective form of marketing. Whether old or new vehicles, wrapping breathes new live into them.



Push the most out of your business. Wrap your car in company specific film. We will assist you with the design process, printing and application of your logo.Your company will standout from the rest! Make it attractive and recognized.Do it right.